Shopping local is important, and it's becoming even more important given the current state of our economy — it's essential in order to keep our local economy going and strong. Local businesses create jobs and contribute to our Boise area cultures etc.

But have you ever been to (or even heard of) this grocery store that was rated Idaho's best independent grocery store? Let's find out!

An article from Lovefood features a specific small town grocery store for being the best independent store in all of Idaho. Any guesses?

Nel's Bi-Lo Market
Nel's Bi-Lo Market

Nel’s Bi-Lo Market in Pocatello

Lovefood says...

“A local favorite since 1957, Nel’s Bi-Lo is known for having the best meat around. It also stocks baked goods like cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and veg, pantry supplies, alcohol, and flower baskets, making it a great alternative to the big supermarkets. It even has Meals in a Box (such as ingredients to make chicken pot pie) for curbside pick-up – perfect to give to self-isolating family members.”

Not only is this rated Idaho's best independent grocery store, but it's also one of the longest-operating stores in Idaho. 1957-2024 is a long time, and they're still serving their local community!

Does the Treasure Valley have anything similar? Notably, the Red Top Market in Wilder, Idaho, is also highly-reviewed and an incredible experience, especially during the summer. They offer fresh (and LOCAL) fruits, veggies, dairy products, beef, honey, and more. When they come back, don't miss out on their “Thirsty Thursdays,” where they have a bunch of local food trucks, deals, live music, and more.

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