In a concerning incident reported by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) via their official Facebook page, a highway maintenance rig parked on I-86 in Bannock County was struck by a semi-truck, The update from ITD was posted on Thursday, January 4th.

The collision occurred while crews were actively engaged in patching potholes, with proper emergency lights activated and boards flashing.

This re-emphasizes the critical importance of engaged driving. The ITD reported that the semi failed to move over as directed by signage, colliding with the back of the pickup at highway speed. Fortunately, quick thinking from the crews allowed them to leap over the guardrail, avoiding what could have been a catastrophic outcome.

This incident is a reminder for us all to pay attention to the flashing lights and signage used to alert you of what and who is ahead on the roadway. If you see them, slow down and move over.

The community is encouraged not only to be mindful of their own driving behaviors but also to be engaged and to keep an eye on surrounding drivers, as it could be someone next to you who is not paying attention and could potentially harm you or others.

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While it is unfortunate what happened to this ITD crew, we're very glad to report that everyone is okay. Our Idaho roads are quickly becoming more dangerous, as we are ranked one of the worst states for impaired driving and number of crashes and fatalities.

Stay updated on crucial road safety alerts by following the Idaho Transportation Department's official Facebook page and keep scrolling for the top 15 counties in Idaho with the most car crashes, and 2023's least-reliable vehicles in America.

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