Shiny new things are always nice but after some time, the excitement dies down. We see it with kids and new toys all the time, but also, we're seeing it from the people who live in Idaho.

Are people taking Idaho for granted?

After something loses its shine after some time, it doesn't mean that we stop loving it. The same goes for all that Idaho has to offer - just because there are things in Idaho that aren't as "exciting" to locals as they used to be, doesn't mean we stop enjoying them.

Social media is a powerful tool and we asked people who have lived in Idaho for some time to share their feelings on the things newcomers are most excited about. Again - we love most of these things but some of us haven't lived here as long as others.

Scroll on to see the 13 things "new people" love when they first arrive in Idaho that longtime locals aren't as excited about...

13 Things New People Love About Idaho That Locals Are Tired Of

Idaho has a lot to offer but sadly, there are people who hate the very things we love about the Gem State.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

At the end of the day, excitement and happiness is a good thing. You can't blame people for falling in love with the things Idaho has like we all did at some point. Now, when outsiders ask about Idaho? You never know what you're going to get and if you've lived in Idaho for some time, they might make you giggle.

Scroll on to see what outsiders are STILL asking about Idaho... have you encountered any of these clichés?

You Won't Believe The Questions People Are Still Asking About Idaho

Being from Texas, I'm constantly asked about life in Idaho. You won't believe the top questions people are still asking about the Gem State... have you been asked anything crazier?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

There is an Idaho city that deserves a little bit more love than it's getting and that's Nampa. We love Nampa but we never hear about it as much as other Idaho cities.

Scroll on and check out the top ten reasons why we should love Nampa more than we do now...

10 Reasons Why We Should Show Nampa More Love Than We Do

Nampa doesn't seem to get the same type of attention that Boise or even Meridian gets. Here are ten reasons Nampa deserves more love from the people who live there.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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