Not all of us know how to play an instrument, right? If you start early, it seems to be a bit easier so some of us have to settle for the next best thing: the air guitar.

Are you the best "air guitar player" of all time?

That's right, there is a competition happening in Boise today (May 27) for those who think they are the best with their imaginary axe. According to the event's posting on Event Brite, the winner "will receive a travel stipend and a guaranteed competition slot in THE National Championships!"

AIROFF via YouTube
AIROFF via YouTube

The competition is about as straightforward as it gets but it does have an amazing cause as it raises money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Competitors that have signed up are also raising money for LLS. Those who raise the most money will earn a spot to compete in Finland with LLS taking care of the travel - sounds pretty amazing and it's for a good cause!

Where is it happening?

You can check out these air rockstars and cheer them on in person at The Shredder located at 430 South 10th St. in Boise. According to the event's Facebook page, doors open at 6 PM with the show starting at 9 PM tonight (5/27). Tickets are available at the door for just $10.

The competition looks fun and people definitely go all out in their performances. It's a fun way to raise money but it's also a great way to let loose and have a little fun on a Saturday night.

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