Do you remember that show MTV Cribs? It was massively popular because everyday people had a chance to peek inside the world of the rich and famous. Outside of the obvious reasons people love money (we all have bills, right?), there seems to be a fascination with learning about how much money a successful person makes.

For some, it's fascinating because it shows what hard work and countless hours honing the craft can result in. That being said - there have been some amazing athletes that have exemplified that at Boise State University and trust us... they've cashed in.

Boise State has produced some serious wealth

There's no doubt that Boise State Athletics has produced some outstanding talent and with the way information is so accessible; we thought it would be interesting to explore just how much some of Boise State's finest athletes have earned since turning pro.

It's important to note that we weren't able to include every single athlete to go pro out of Boise State on this list; a lot of information, especially on the financial side, is either inaccessible or not confirmed.

That being said, let's look at the talent that Boise State Athletics has produced and what they've earned over the course of their careers...

16 Boise State Athletes And How Much Money They Made In Their Pro Careers

Let's look at some of the notable Boise State athletes who went pro and what their career earnings are/were during their playing days.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, you may be asking yourself... who is the most successful NFL player in all of Idaho? What about the neighboring states? Surely they earned their share, right? Let's take a look at the most successful NFL players from Idaho and surrounding states...

The Most Successful NFL Player From Idaho & Neighboring States

Here's a look at the most successful NFL players from Idaho and surrounding states according to

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Former Boise State Players Playing in the NFL

These Broncos are now earning a living off of playing football.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER / KIDO Talk Radio

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