🚘 Typical Valley Traffic

It was a day like any other as I waited for the arrow on Chinden and Glenwood around 4:45 p.m.

I bet I know what you're thinking: traffic is typically a nightmare at that intersection during rush hour; why go that way? You're right. But since surface streets are faster than 84 at that time of day, I usually suck it up on my ride home from Boise to Star a few days a week.

⬅ Follow Your Arrow

I'd been inching toward the arrow for almost 14 minutes by the time it was my chance to turn left on Chinden. And just as I began toying with the idea of grabbing a cuppa coffee from the Starbucks off the intersection, my train of thought was derailed by the driver in front of me.

The arrow was still red and traffic was still headed eastbound on Chinden when the car in front of me darted into the intersection, nearly t-boning the last car passing through the yellow. Shocked, I looked over at the driver to my right and we both had "what the hell just happened?!" expressions on our faces.

💭 Distracted Driving

To my relief, the car with the right of way managed to escape the collision. But as the driver at-fault banged a left out of the intersection, something else caught my eye. There was a headphone cord dangling from her left ear. That's when it clicked: this girl was so distracted by wearing headphones behind the wheel, she nearly killed herself and another driver!

Later that night, I was still upset by what had happened on my commute home. So I did what most of us would do, I Googled it.

That's when I learned it's perfectly legal to wear headphones behind the wheel in Idaho. Before looking it up, I would've sworn that was illegal. And it was falling down that rabbit hole that produced the gallery featured below this article, friends.

Scroll on for a gallery of 11 things you'd think were illegal in Idaho but aren't!

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