Sometimes when I see it, I think it should be illegal. I do a double take, and the drivers around me all do the same. They're all thinking, "Did I just see what I think I saw?" They did. I mean, they sort of did. It's an optical illusion, and it gets me every time.

Pickup truck owners are getting creative with their tailgates throughout the Treasure Valley. They put graphics on them that are so realistic you might believe that they are carrying around some interesting cargo.

The one tailgate graphic I see around town most often is the bigfoot or sasquatch tailgate. It looks like an open tailgate with a relaxing bigfoot lying down and petting a raccoon. It gets attention from a lot of people other than me. They are funny but distracting, and we already have enough distractions on Idaho roads.

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Many of these tailgate wraps fit the "Idaho lifestyle" that pickup owners enjoy. For example, when I searched for them, I found laughing horses, dead deer, a dead black bear, and a happy dog. You can even find some tied-up humans. Those have occasionally gotten people into trouble in other states.

The best ones that I found are below, along with where you can buy them. That way, you can hook up your truck-driving friend or family member with an attention-getting tailgate. They look simple to install, so the setup won't be an issue.

The most convincing wraps match the color of the truck. Putting a block sticker on a red truck eliminates the illusion of it being real.

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