Jake Owen came by The Bobby Bones Show to perform some of his songs, talk about his recent CMA Award nomination, and open up about something that he has never gotten a chance to do.

For the 2020 CMA Awards, Owen was nominated for Music Video of the Year "Homemade." The video is a short film that centers around the story of his grandparents and their love story being together for 70 years. Owen first told the story on The BobbyCast, and then they released the music video where Owen acts as his grandfather in the video. He told Bobby Bones that he would love to be more like his grandfather because "he's a hero." He added that he recently found out that while his grandfather was in war, he would go and dig up American heroes that didn't get a proper burial. Owen was never told this by his grandfather, rather he read his grandfather's story in a recent news article.

The CMA Award is Owen's first time ever being nominated for a CMA Award. He also added that he's never once performed on an award show, despite having 8 number 1 hits. But Owen doesn't carry the anger of that with him anymore, he confessed that he's really happy to be around the supportive people that he is for his career. They continue to push and support him and that's all that matters to him.

Owen is about to turn 40-years-old and confessed that he struggles sometimes to accept that he's getting older. However, he said he has learned to evolve with his music as he ages. As Owen got older, he was constantly getting pitched daddy and daughter songs, which he originally wasn't a fan of. But now he's totally ok with it and has started to accept everything that is changing in his life. He shared that things have definitely been different with each of his daughters. He said he has an amazing relationship with his first daughter Pearl, but his career just hit big when they had her. He had Pearl out on the road with him and it was a different life for her in her first few years. With his second daughter Paris, he's been home due to the pandemic and shared that he's gotten a second chance to do the things he was never able to do with Pearl.

Outside of his musical career, Owen has always wanted to do things for others, specifically in the places they call home. He created the JakeOwenfoundation.org to benefit non-profits like Autism Speaks, Habitat For Humanity, and Boys & Girls Club.

While Jake Owen was on the show, he performed a few of his songs "Homemade," "Made For You," and the unreleased song "Good Day."

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