Looks like we're losing another one.  Junior RB Jeremy McNichols announced yesterday his intent to forgo his senior year to enter the NFL Draft.

“I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do at Boise State,” McNichols tells reporters. “I won a championship freshman year, won a couple bowl games, met a lot of great people in Boise, got great coaches behind me."

McNichols rushed for 1,663 yards and scored 27 total touchdowns this season.

Apparently, McNichols made the decision roughly a month ago but kept it quiet.  He shared his intentions with only a few teammates and coach Bryan Harsin.

However, it doesn't seem as though there are any hard feelings going into the Cactus Bowl.  Harsin went on to say of McNichols, "Very appreciative for what he’s brought to Boise State. ... I think a great opportunity for him, to go into this game, to play his very best ... he’s certainly practiced that way."

McNichols told reporters, "everybody, my coaches, my teammates, they all supported me, I’m not getting bashed for it.  That makes it a lot easier. It’s another reason that confirms why I came to Boise, it’s because of the people. I’ve never had got any bad vibes, it’s why I will continue to be around the community, because of all the love and support I received the last two and a half years."

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