Jon Bon Jovi is performing at our iHeartFestival 2020 this weekend. Ahead of his appearance, he virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the performance, the food bank and restaurant he and his wife opened, and his new collaboration with Jennifer Nettles.

15 years ago, Nettles sang on the song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" with Jon Bon Jovi. At the time, Nettles was unknown, but on the same label as him. They knew the song would have a crossover appeal so the label suggested Nettles because her voice was great. Turns out they were right and the song shot to number one. Because of that duet so many years ago, Jon Bon Jovi thought of Nettles for his latest collaboration "Do What You Can."

His latest song and the title was inspired by the restaurant he and his wife opened 10 years ago, JBJ Soul Kitchen to address issues of food insecurity. All of the patrons of the restaurant either volunteer in the restaurant to pay for their meals or provide a monetary donation. When they first started, Jon Bon Jovi would wash dishes to help out and since the pandemic he's fulfilled that role again to help those that are food insecure. While washing dishes he was quoted saying "If you can't do, do what you can." During that moment he realized that quote was the perfect title for a song, so he started writing. Now he's putting the song out with Nettles.

Bobby Bones asked a question many fans are probably curious about when it comes to Jon Bon Jovi's touring clothes. Jon Bon Jovi shared that a fair amount of his old touring outfits are in the Hall of Fame, but he also confessed that there are big rooms in his house that are full of clothes, awards, and platinum records. The items in those rooms will probably end up in the hands of his kids.

Catch Jon Bon Jovi performing at our iHeartFestival tomorrow night. He will be performing his new collaboration "Do What You Can," along with his song "Limitless," and two catalog songs. You can watch live at