Keith Urban recently dropped his tenth studio album The Speed Of Now Part 1. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his collaboration with Pink, listening back to his own music, and his best piece of marriage advice.

Speaking about his record, Urban shared how he knew the song "One Too Many" was meant to be a collaboration with pop artist Pink. He said the song was written as a duet and he had always loved Pink's voice. He loves the humanity that he feels when she sings, adding that she's not only a great vocalist, but a great storyteller. With the help of a mutual acquaintance, the song made its way to Pink and she agreed to do the song. Unfortunately they weren't able to be together due to the pandemic, and had to record the duet remotely.

As for other collaborations Urban has done in the past, he shared that there's been times he has sent off a song and another artist has turned it down. Most of the time it has to do with bad timing because they have another song coming out at the same time, but there's a few situations when the song isn't right for them. Also on the topic of his music, Urban confessed that there's one way he knows that he genuinely likes a song of his. He likes to listen to the song super low on volume, and if the song grabs him enough that he wants to turn it up, he knows the song has some value. He also added that he likes to play music for people to see their reaction and he pays attention to how he feels. If he feels proud to play the song for others, he knows it's a song he wants to add to the album.

Recently, Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman celebrated 14 years of marriage. Bobby Bones asked him to share the key to a successful, longterm marriage. Urban said he can only speak to his marriage, but he shared something all married couples could use as a piece of advice. He said he always treats their relationship like she's still his girlfriend. He does everything he did when they first started dating.

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