Keith Urban stopped by The Bobby Bones Show after a year off from touring due to the ongoing pandemic. He performed some of his hits, talked about spending time in Australia, his new tattoo, and. how the collaboration with Taylor Swift happened.

Urban is very hopefully about life post-pandemic, particularly touring. He believes that at some point things will get back to where they were before, but in the meantime things are going to change for everyone. While waiting to hit the road again, Urban has kept himself plenty busy during the pandemic with new music amongst other things. Swift recently released two collaborations with Urban as part of her re-recorded Fearless project. Urban appears on "That's When" and then his harmonies show up on "We Were Happy." Urban was actually at the mall sitting in the food court when Swift texted him about the collaborations. She sent him the songs and he plugged in his earphones to listen as he was sitting there. He admitted that he was curious when she first texted him and he really loved they were unreleased songs. As for his recent collaboration with Pink on "One Too Many," Urban shared that he immediately thought of having her on the song because they had never gotten to work together before. In talking about collaborations, Urban admitted that he has been turned down from other artists on working on a project together, and on the other side of things, he's also had to turn down collaborations.

Something else Urban is really known for is his multiple tattoos he rocks. He just recently got a new tattoo on his hand which he describes as a "Polynesian type design." He worked with a new tattoo artist on it and actually let the tattoo artist freehand the design on him with a pen, and then when Keith liked it, he committed to it in ink. He's also been spending a lot of his time off over this past year in Australia with his family. He said it's been a little wild because they have to quarantine for 2 weeks to go to Australia, plus telemedicine coronavirus tests every single day. His wife Nicole is a big reason they are spending time down in Australia due to her latest movie filming schedule. Speaking of his wife Nicole, Urban was reluctant to give any marriage advice to Bobby Bones. He said that he only knows what works for his marriage, and to give advice isn't the best scenario because what works for one couple may not work for another couple.

Keith Urban performed acoustic versions of his latest hits "One Too Many," and "God Whispered Your Name," plus his older hit "You'll Think Of Me."

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