More than a pound of heroin found on these two after Meridian Police investigate a car crash they were involved in along with a whole lot more and what they intended to do with it may have them locked up for a long time.


I guess they're not technically kids but to me, a 45-year-old dad of 5 kids, most of who are older than these two, they're kids.  The young man, Kade Moore is 22 and we're not sure how old his accomplice, Kathryn Priest is but she looks way too young to get caught up in this kind of stuff.


I guess the two have been dating and Priest was following her boyfriend in a car Friday night around 6:20 on Ten Mile Road near Park Creek Drive and she accidentally hit him from behind which sent her vehicle out of control flipping over and landing on its top.


When Meridian Police investigated they thought this was a D.U.I. but their drug sniffing dogs said otherwise.  Inside both vehicles police found black safes that had more than a pound of heroin and 6 ounces of meth in them.


They've both been charged with felonies that include drug trafficking heroin and meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. The heroin charges alone carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years so these two kids are most likely going away for a long time.