For the first time ever, Krispy Kreme is partnering with another national brand to do something fun with their donuts. Krispy Kreme and Oreo just announced a partnership to create two new Oreo-inspired donuts.

Starting this week, Krispy Kreme locations will be offering two new Oreo-themed donuts. There's the Oreo Cookie Glazed Donut: An original glazed donut covered in rich Oreo Cookie Glaze, filled with Cookies and Kreme, and finished with an icing drizzle and Oreo cookie pieces. Then there's the Oreo Cookie Over-The-Top Donut: An Oreo cookie glazed donut topped with cookies and kreme filling, drizzled with chocolate icing and finished with an Oreo cookie wafer.

Both new Oreo-themed donuts can be found at Krispy Kreme spots until April 18, 2021.

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