Ah, late-night munchies, because a day without randomly craving an entire pizza at 2 a.m. is just a wasted day, right? Who needs a peaceful night's sleep when you can have an intense debate with your fridge over the last slice of cold pizza? After all, food tastes ten times better when you're supposed to sleep, and every calorie consumed past midnight magically disappears, right? 

Why should restaurants hit the lights when the sun goes down? 

 Late-night dining is a culinary adventure where the food tastes better and the atmosphere a tad cozier. It's a magical world where cravings for that cheesy slice or mouthwatering tacos are met with open arms. Staying open late caters to the nocturnal souls, the spontaneous cravings, the romantic moonlit dinners, and to soak up what was consumed after a late night with friends. It transforms eateries into bustling, nocturnal hubs where the night owls can unite over delectable dishes. So, here's to the places that refuse to pull down the shutters early because the night is young, and so are the appetites.


Where is the best restaurant open late in Idaho? 

LoveFood.com has taken on a mouthwatering mission – uncovering the best late-night eats in every corner of America. From the bright city lights to the serene countryside, this culinary treasure hunt brings you the tastiest nocturnal delights.

Pie Hole Pizza in Boise is the nocturnal hero we all needed! Named the best late-night restaurant in Idaho, it's where pizza dreams come true long after bedtime. Whether you're a night owl or just craving a cheesy slice at 2 a.m., Pie Hole has your back. With mouthwatering pies and a cozy atmosphere, it's the ultimate spot for post-midnight munchies. So, when the hunger pangs strike in the Gem State, head to Pie Hole, where pizza perfection knows no curfew! 

Pie Hole has two locations in Boise:

Downtown Boise Pie Hole - 205 N 8th St.

Open 11 am - 3 am Sunday through Thursday

Open 11 am - 4 am on Friday & Saturday

Broadway Pie Hole: 

1016 Broadway Ave, Boise.

Open 11 am to 3 am, 7 days a week.

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