This 43-year-old man from Payette, Idaho has been missing for a week and there may be signs of foul play.


Payette County Sheriffs Office

His name is Jeff Brenner and he was last seen on Monday, May 29.  His plans were to head out and go turkey hunting with a buddy but Brenner never returned home.  His vehicle was found last Friday on Dry Creek Road next to Little Willow Road in the northeastern part of Idaho.  Here's what it looks like.


Payette Country Sheriffs Office


Deputies have looked everywhere in this are and cannot find Brenner.  They've combed the area by foot and searched by air as well.  Here's Brenner's description...

  • 5'2" Tall
  • 160 lbs
  • Light brown hair
  • Hazel eyes


His truck is the last place he's been seen and it's a 1993 Ford F-150.  Any details or info should go straight to the Payette County Sheriff's Department at 208-642-6006 Ext) 1175