The coronavirus pandemic has people assuming all kinds of new roles in their families, especially when it comes to families with children.

Listener Dana wrote into The Bobby Bones Show as part of Bobby's mailbag. She was reaching out for some advice after pulling a few 'MIA (missing in action)' stunts on her family. She shared in her note that she typically has at least one Zoom meeting a day for work as she's working from home. However, lately she has been saying that she's had 2 or 3 Zoom meetings, 1 of which is real and the others she is just faking to get away from her family for a bit.

She confessed that during the fake meetings, she asks her husband to keep the kids quiet and away from her. During her fake meetings, Dana said she uses the time to just relax or watch a show. She asked Bobby to give her some advice on whether she should come clean to her husband, or just keep doing it because it gives her some peace for a few moments throughout the day.