During The Bobby Bones Show this morning, Bobby Bones shared a news story about a homeless man in Hawaii who was wrongfully arrested for a crime committed by another person. He was locked up in a state hospital for more than 2 years before being quietly set free.

The story shared is a very heartbreaking one and caused one of our listeners to call into the show to share her story. Our listener shared that she was wrongly imprisoned in Florida for 7 years for a crime her husband committed. He stole $60K from a business and ended up committing suicide as he was about to be convicted. Noted as guilty by association, our listener then got pinned for his crimes. She shared that she had no idea what he had done until she started piecing past moments from him together during police questioning.

Despite being unaware of the entire situation with her husband until after the fact, she was charged guilty of his crimes and had to spend 7 years in prison. She has since been released because her time was up, but has 20 years of probation in front of her. She said during her time in jail she continued to fight against the charges, even receiving apology letters from the business her husband stole from.

While she was in jail, she helped other inmates get their GEDs and got her cosmetology license. So once released she moved back to her home state of Virginia and is now a manager at a local automotive company.

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