Now and again we all need a vacation. A nice little get away to somewhere warmer, somewhere colorful, somewhere beachy, just somewhere different. Far away destinations like Egypt, Hawaii, Italy and even an enchanted forest are out of the question most of the time. Well thanks to this fun, unique and massive Bed and Breakfast in Boise called Anniversary Inn we can experience all of that and more.

This place is certainly with checking out. If you have family or friends coming into town, why not show them an interesting experience with one of these extraordinary rooms. Anniversary Inn is located at 1575 South Lusk Place in Boise. They have three different tiers of rooms starting with the "Ruby Suites" These average Weeknight - $189.00 | Weekend - $209.00. The next tier is "Emerald Suites" with costs currently at Weeknight - $249.00 | Weekend - $269.00. The final and quite impressive set of rooms are called "Diamond Suites" and will cost about Weeknight - $279.00 | Weekend - $299.00. Check out these amazing suites below starting with the Ruby Suites and getting fancier and more extravagant as we go. They are quite impressive.

Travel the World in Boise at Anniversary Inn Themed Rooms

Visit amazing destinations all while staying right in Boise at this unique Bed and Breakfast. Each room features a theme and the rooms get fancier and fancier as you scroll. I have 2 pictures of each room to give you a good idea of what they are like.

Travel the World Without Leaving This Hotel in Idaho Falls

Top 8 Idaho Airbnbs for the Perfect Stay-Cation

Here are the top 8 according to Territory Supply. There are multiple photos for each Airbnb home to check out.

This Boise Airbnb Was Named The 'Most Jaw-Dropping' in Idaho

Move over Potato Hotel and Doggie Staycation, there is a new and not so quirky Airbnb in Idaho. The Website Love Exploring named every states 'Most Jaw-Dropping Airbnb'. The winner for Idaho is right in the heart of Boise and it does look marvelous. Check out the peaceful outdoor spot to the beautiful interior décor and great use of space. 

Get Your Friends To Go in on This Unbelievable Airbnb Idaho Cabin

The place truly looks like it could create a trip and experience you are not likely to forget. It has a hot tub, views all around, a kids playroom, an adult bar and game room, a gym and more. 

Private Hotsprings Pool at SnowSprings Pool House One Hour From Boise Airbnb

This stunning Airbnb Cabin is only about an hour drive from Boise. Get quite a staycation, complete with private hotsprings and unbelievable views. The rock work and massive wooden columns are quite impressive.

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