A local group of do-gooders called PRAYnksters has raised more than $13,000 for Amanda Kofoed, a mother from Nampa who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in October.  PRAYnksters is a group known for helping out people in need in the community through creative means. However, the way they stepped up Kofoed was truly remarkable and has now gone viral.

Jesse Fadel who is a member of PRAYnksters and a friend of Kofoed says, "when I found out my friend Amanda was diagnosed with cancer and she didn't have insurance to help cover the cost of cancer treatments, we knew that we had to do something."

What PRAYnksters did was set up a video shoot in which Kofoed and her husband Clint were told they were going to be putting together a video in hopes of driving people to their GoFundMe account.  What they didn't know is that nearly 200 people were already standing by ready to show them their support.  To the Kofoed's surprise, they were brought to tears as the hundreds of people, some of them complete strangers, placed money on the table they were sitting at to help them pay for Kofoed's medical needs.

Amanda Kofoed remarked, "to see how big the room got and how many people were there. To see people I hadn't seen in years, hadn't talked to, there to support us. People we didn’t know at all.” Amanda said. “Just overwhelmed by our community and how loved we were."

Watch the touching video posted below:

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