One of the most historic restaurants in Idaho is in Enaville, about a 7-hour drive from Boise and 34 minutes east of Coeur D' Alene. The Snake River Pit is traced back to 1879. In the early days of Enaville, it was a transportation center for railroaders, gold miners, and loggers. Settled by Finlanders, Enaville was considered the gateway to the Upper North Fork. 

According to their website, "the Snake Pit has served as a boomtown bar, railroad layover, hotel, house of ill repute and starting point for loggers and miners of yesteryear." 

The Sake Pit serves as a hotel, railroad layover, and... a few girls... if you look at the facade you will see where horns are on it. The skull of a bull has two red light bulbs for eyes. Guess who was available when the eyes lit up? (I didn't know this until about 1990, and a person told me. I got up inthe attic and sure enough, an electric cord ran to a switch in the front room upstairs!)" - Joe

The history of this building includes serval name changes, including The Clark Hotel and Enaville Resort. Even during the flood in 1974, they would tie boats up at the footsteps and send pictures to Boise to make the place look like an actual resort.

Today at the Snake Pit, you're going to find live music, prim rib on Saturday nights, and walls that, if could talk, would tell you all about the rich history of one of the most historic restaurants in Idaho. The Snake Pit serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is known for its homemade-style meals, the rocky mountain oysters, and the BBQ.

The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit - 14800 Coeur d'Alene River Rd, Kingston, ID.

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