The article on explores the prevalence of prewar homes across different countries in the United States. Prewar homes are defined as those constructed before World War II and encompass a diverse range of architectural styles. These homes represent a tangible piece of American history, with approximately 11% of occupied homes throughout the nation being built before 1939.

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In Idaho, Shoshone County stands out for its abundance of prewar homes. Located in the state's northern panhandle, Shoshone County has a rich history shaped mainly by the mining industry. In the late 19th century, the discovery of silver, lead, and zinc deposits led to a mining boom that transformed the county's landscape and attracted an influx of settlers. Many of the homes built during this period remain standing today, a testament to the county's vibrant past.

The Great Fire of 1910, also known as the Big Blowup, significantly impacted Shoshone County. This catastrophic event torched millions of acres of land, altering the county's physical environment and shaping its subsequent development. The fact that many homes survived this disaster or were rebuilt shortly after adds an additional layer of historical significance to the county's prewar housing stock.

According to the article, Shoshone County boasts a substantial share of prewar homes, at 36.6%. This percentage is considerably higher than the national average and reflects the county's early development. The county's total number of prewar homes is reported to be 828.

These figures underscore the prevalence and importance of prewar homes in Shoshone County. These structures provide a window into the county's past, offering insights into its architectural trends, lifestyle, and socio-economic conditions during the prewar era. Furthermore, the high percentage of prewar homes suggests a commitment to preserving this historical heritage despite the challenges of maintaining older buildings and the pressure of modern development.

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In conclusion, the article presents a fascinating snapshot of the prewar housing landscape in Idaho, with a particular focus on Shoshone County. The county's rich history and commitment to preservation are reflected in its substantial stock of prewar homes, which continue to shape its character and charm today.

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