Lunchbox went to Raymundo's bachelor party in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. While out at a pool party, Lunchbox decided to ask some strangers for advice for Raymundo when he sobered up.

On The Bobby Bones Show today (June 30), Lunchbox brought the audio back with him from Vegas. He asked strangers their best piece of advice for newlyweds, most were pieces of advice from males saying not to go through with the wedding. With one from a female who suggested that he always listen to his wife. Here are some of their exact pieces of advice:

  • Guy number 1: "We're a dying breed. Marriage just ain't it brother."
  • Guy number 2: "Don't do it. Number 1 cause of divorce is marriage." Also... "The key to it is knowing you're wrong and doing whatever she asks whenever she possibly can."
  • Guy number 3: "12 years of marriage here... lots of sex."
  • Woman (Guy number 3's partner): "Make sure you listen to your wife. Just make sure you're listening to what she needs."


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