Lunchbox is known for wanting to pull citizen's arrests whenever he sees the possibility because he wants to help, but also because he wants to get in the news for being a hero.

Recently, he saw a domestic dispute going down and decided to get involved. He saw a woman visibly uncomfortable and a man yelling at her that he wanted her to drive him somewhere. Lunchbox pulled up in his car with his family along with him and asked if the woman was ok. There was a lot of yelling happening and she told Lunchbox to call the cops and give them her license tags so they could track them down. The man got into the car and made her take off.

Lunchbox followed the car for several miles while on the phone with 911 dispatch and they told him he needed to stop following, but Lunchbox persisted. He says the cops never showed up by the time he finally gave up and decided to stop following the couple.

He admitted that he wanted to help the woman, but he did want to be recognized as a hero as well.

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