Lunchbox is making a strange request when it comes to his first child with his wife. He's requesting a paternity test after his son was doing some strange things.

While talking with The Bobby Bones Show, Lunchbox confessed there were two incidents with Baby Box that made Lunchbox think it wasn't his kid. First, he got a note from daycare asking if Baby Box was actually shy because he never wants to play games with the other kids. Instead, he likes to sit in the corner and read books by himself.

Then they went to a local swimming pool, and Baby Box was too afraid to get into the water and make friends. But then he found an orange, and he played with the orange for 2 hours like they were the best of friends. It made Baby Box the weird kid at the pool.

Lunchbox said that both of these incidents made him question whether the kid is actually his, because he liked to make all the friends during school and he was the popular kid. Now he says he's definitely getting a paternity test just to be sure that Baby Box is his child. His wife even knows, but she just blew him off like he's joking.

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