Lunchbox was up to his usual prank calls today (November 5) when he decided to prank call two food companies.

During his first prank call, Lunchbox called a Mexican restaurant and was trying to order something that's with meat, cheese and a tortilla. Which if you've ever been to a Mexican restaurant, most of their menu items include that. Lunchbox proceeded to get the employee to explain what a burrito, a taco, a chimichanga, and a margarita is as he played totally dumb. The guy eventually hung up because Lunchbox couldn't make up his mind, but he was nice enough to explain every item Lunchbox asked about.

During his second prank call, Lunchbox called Krystal and told them he thought they were pranking him with his small burger. For loyal customers, Krystal is known for their small burgers, so it's common for people to order a few of them. During the call, Lunchbox told them that he called the eye doctor and tried to say he had bad vision because the burger was so small. Then he compared the burger to the movie Honey, I Shrunk The KidsThey were really nice to him throughout it all, so much so that when he tried to call himself an idiot and a dummy, they wouldn't agree with him. But they did agree that he was a silly goose


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