Lunchbox decided to prank call some more businesses for The Bobby Bones Show today (August 21). This time, he decided to call food businesses like 5-Hour EnergyPringlesChick-fil-A, and M&Ms and use their own slogans against them.

He first called 5-Hour Energy and while on the phone with the employee, he sounded overly energized and shared that he was on hour 6 but his energy was still up. The employee got tired of explaining to Lunchbox that they couldn't help him and hung up on him. Next he called M&Ms and complained about how all of his M&Ms melted into his hands and not his mouth. The M&Ms employee was very understanding and told him to bring his hands into the store for a refund.

Next up he called Pringles and told the employee that he couldn't stop popping the chips into his mouth while playing a Pringles popping sound effect in the background. Lunchbox tried to ask the employee to bring him more Pringles since he couldn't stop popping them and was running out, but the employee ended up hanging up on him. Lastly, he called Chick-fil-A and tried to get the employee to say "you're welcome" instead of "my pleasure." However, it never worked. The employee did have to say "my pleasure" over 5 times during the phone call.

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