Lunchbox has been busy prank calling all kinds of businesses trying to get some good laughs. On today's Bobby Bones Show (August 13), Lunchbox shared a prank call that he did this week to Gary Levox's (Rascal FlattsBlack Tie Moving Company.

Levox just announced this week that his company is hiring for several positions, and they want to help out those who are unemployed due to the pandemic. He will also be coming on The Bobby Bones Show tomorrow (August 14) to talk about the job openings so Lunchbox only felt it appropriate that he prank call the moving company.

During the prank call, Lunchbox said that he wanted to use the company for a move he was making. But instead of his usual jokes, Lunchbox made jokes using Rascal Flatts song lyrics. He kept saying these things to the employee:

  • I'm moving on // going to move to Mayberry // sit on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke // where everything is black and white - "Mayberry"
  • I am getting a divorce because I'm all about // fast cars and freedom // and my wife isn't down with that. - "Fast Cars And Freedom"
  • Life is a highway // you have to keep on moving - "Life Is A Highway"
  • What hurts the most // is when you drop something on your toes - "What Hurt's The Most"

The employee ended up calling out Lunchbox saying that he knew what he was doing with the lyrics, but Lunchbox played dumb like he didn't know anything about Rascal Flatts.