His dad has been a really good sport about the whole thing, though he seems to fall for all of the prank calls so far. In October, Lunchbox called him as a voting telemarketer and his dad answered all of the questions before finally telling the guy to go away and hanging up.

Then today on The Bobby Bones Show (November 12) Lunchbox called his dad as if he were in jail. He got a collect call voice to start the call from Davidson County (Nashville) Jail asking if his dad would accept the charges. His dad did and then Lunchbox started talking. He told his father that he got pulled over for expired tags and he was in jail. He told his dad that his wife wouldn't answer the phone and he needed his dad to get ahold of her to pay his bail. Though his dad ended the call with a funny pants joke, he did try to get ahold of Lunchbox's wife immediately after hanging up. Turns out Lunchbox did fool him.

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