Lunchbox was up to another prank call during today's Bobby Bones Show (March 26). He decided to prank call a pet grooming place in town to see if he could get himself groomed.

The employee at the pet grooming place answered the phone and the conversation started out very simple. Lunchbox told the employee that he needed a grooming appointment and continually kept referring to himself whenever the employee was trying to ask questions about the pet needing groomed. When asked for vaccinations, Lunchbox told them he was vaccinated for COVID-19. That's when the employee noted that something was off and asked if the pet was a male or female. Lunchbox said he was a male and then the employee said they were only a grooming spot for cats and dogs.

Despite Lunchbox's best efforts, the employee politely told him they don't groom humans and hung up the phone.

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