Lunchbox is still up to his prank calling antics. This time he decided to prank call a bakery and see what ridiculous things he could get them to write on a birthday cake.

During The Bobby Bones Show (August 17), Lunchbox shared his call with a local bakery. He called them as his alter ego Jason Gibble and asked the baker if he could write whatever he wanted on a birthday cake for his wife. She told him he could, and then he proceeded to share what it was that he wanted written on top of the cake.

He shared the lyrics to Sam Hunt's song "Body Like A Backroad." He used the line "Body like a back road, drivin' with my eyes closed // I know every curve like the back of my hand // Doin' 15 in a 30, I ain't in no hurry." The baker wrote it down and said she was able to make it happen for him despite noting that it was so long and she wasn't sure if it would fit on a cake.

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