Lunchbox just got back to The Bobby Bones Show today (October 22) after spending the beginning of this week traveling to and from the Villisca Axe Murder House. He also spent his Tuesday night in the arguably haunted house.

While on his way back, Lunchbox called into the show to share his initial experience at the house. He shared that he definitely believes there were spirts in the house and there were moments during his stay that the spirts were making all kinds of noises. Before he left for the murder house, Bobby Bones gave Lunchbox a list of tasks he had to complete in the house.

In true Lunchbox fashion, he completed the tasks with some of his own special comments thrown in. Only one of the tasks resulted in a response from the spirits. The task where he asked if there were any spirits in the room with him, something got knocked around somewhere in the house. None of the rest of the tasks resulted in anything, but it was sure fun to hear Lunchbox try. Here were his tasks:

  • Introduce yourself to the spirits, let them know you mean no harm, and ask their permission to take pictures.
  • Ask out loud "Are any spirits with me right now?"
  • Find a mirror and say "Candyman" three times.
  • Tell a "ghost joke" and see if anyone laughs.
  • Sing the Ghostbusters Theme song. See if anyone responds with the rest of the song.

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