Lunchbox left during Monday's Bobby Bones Show to check in for jury duty. He had been called to go in to be a possible juror for 6 different cases.

Fortunately during his wait time, Lunchbox found out that 5 cases were either cancelled or postponed. That left 1 case for them to choose 32 jurors out of the 150 that were sitting in the room. Lunchbox hoped to be one so he could be on a big case and be a juror. However, he didn't get picked. After not getting picked, Lunchbox went back home. He wished all of the jurors that were chosen good luck and told them he was going home to take a nap.

The day after jury duty and not being picked (Tuesday), Lunchbox just stayed home rather than come back to work. He didn't call anyone at the show to let them know what was happening, so everyone assumed he was chosen as a juror. But really, he just took the day off from "stress of jury duty." The news that he didn't get picked on Monday didn't come to light until today's show (Wednesday). Now the other show members are wanting Lunchbox to be held accountable for taking a day off and not letting anyone know.

Bobby Bones said that he would likely just have him take one of his vacation days since that's what it was, but he left the decision up to listeners of the show via Twitter.

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