Shaq has been trying to sell his mansion in Florida for 2 years. The $19.5 million home comes with a 17-car garage, a 6,000-square-foot basketball court, and sits within a gated golf community.

The home is listed with Compass Florida and Lunchbox decided to try to purchase the mansion as his alter ego Jason Gibble. Jason went to Zillow and tracked down the realtor connected to the property. He started off the call by asking her some information about the house. Then he started asking some of his typical prank call questions.

Lunchbox asked about the bed in the master room, he asked how big it was and if he was going to be able to live like Shaq as the promotional video suggests. He also asked for a signed copy of Shazam, to which the realtor replied "for the right price." Ironically, Lunchbox got the name wrong, he was referring to the movie Shaq stars in called Kazaam.

During the call, Lunchbox told her he was a day trader and that's how he's made all of his billions. Then he gave her his email address: That's when the realtor knew it was a prank call and told him to "have a nice day."

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