For 2020 Halloween, Lunchbox made sure to still have some fun despite the pandemic.

On actual Halloween night, Lunchbox went adult trick-or-treating in his infamous penguin onesie. He recorded audio while he went trick-or-treating where he showed off some things he said to the people who's houses he stopped by. The first piece of audio we heard Lunchbox run away from a house because they were passing out smarties. At another house, we heard Lunchbox tell the woman that was giving out caramel candies that they were the worst candy out there. The woman pushed back saying to get his free candy somewhere else then.

Besides his usual adult trick-or-treating, Lunchbox also dealt with some controversy. His son had a trunk-or-treat event at the daycare he attends, and Lunchbox wore a costume. The costume was deemed inappropriate by one of the other parents in attendance. He wore a costume of a security office that was showing his fake butt crack and some other private areas. The show said that Lunchbox probably should have worn another costume with kids around, otherwise it would have been a funny costume.

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