George Strait's Santa Fe style adobe mansion is still for sale in San Antonio, Texas for a whopping $7.5 million.

The home sits on 12.2 acres and has 14-hand sculpted fireplaces, three bedrooms with a detached casita and an additional bedroom, 6.5 bathrooms, and custom-designed features. It was originally listed for $8.9 million in October 2019, but still hasn't been purchased so the price dropped.

Lunchbox called the realtor, who also happens to be Strait's daughter-in-law Tamara Strait, as his alter ego Jason Gibble. He wanted to purchase the house in all cash and proceeded to ask questions about the house using Strait's famous song lyrics. Tamara was amused by the call and surprisingly put up with Jason Gibble's antics, including him giving her an immature email address.

They left the phone call with Tamara telling Jason Gibble to send her proof of funds and he agreed. Though, everyone listening to The Bobby Bones Show knows it was just a prank.

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