Lunchbox drives a 2005 Altima that has over 200,000 miles on it. He's driven it for years and continues to keep pushing the limits of the car until it gives out on him. The car is actually a stick shift and for a long time his wife has wanted him to teach her how to drive the Altima.

However, Lunchbox never wanted to because he didn't want her to burn up the engine and finally kick the car off its last leg. His constant inability to teach her finally caught up to them though. Lunchbox said she was tired of asking him and him saying no, that she just started yelling at him. She was frustrated that he wouldn't finally teach her in case an emergency ever came up and she needed to drive his car.

She drives a new Toyota Highlander and Lunchbox didn't believe an emergency would ever happen that would cause her to be driving his car.

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