Lunchbox is a father of two young kids. His youngest, Baby Box 2, is 9 months old and has started to do his firsts of many things.

While Baby Box 2 is still not quite walking, he has started to do something else or so Lunchbox thinks. Lunchbox got video of Baby Box 2 talking to him in his baby voice. He was saying what sounded like "dada," but his wife wasn't convinced. So Lunchbox brought the audio to the show for everyone to debate whether or not Baby Box 2 officially said his first word.

Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show agreed that Baby Box 2 did indeed say his first word and it was "dada" multiple times over. Lunchbox confirmed that Baby Box 2 was looking at him as he was saying it. He said his wife didn't want it to be "dada," so she didn't believe it at first. Now, he says she will have to.

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#BabyBox2 waiting patiently for Dada or he is waiting for his turn

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