Despite the craziness of 2020, Maddie and Tae finally gave fans their first full length album earlier this year with The Way It Feels. The duo came on The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories about the album, their docuseries, and perform Bobby Bones favorite song right now.

"Die From A Broken Heart" is their single off the record and currently playing on country radio. It made Bones Top 5 Songs Of the Summer 2020 and is set to go number 1. Maddie and Tae shared that the song actually came out of a funny meme account on Instagram. One of the songwriters came into the studio after seeing a meme asking if you can die from a hangover, and he thought to spin it into heartbreak. Maddie didn't think it was the best idea, because at the time Taylor was going through a difficult breakup. But Taylor wanted to power through and that's when "Die From A Broken Heart" was created.

Maddie and Tae have grown up in country music, but they say they're stronger now than they've ever been. They're both at different points in their lives and have gotten married. They confessed that they're better friends now than when they started and they attribute that to going through a lot of difficult things together.

For fans who want to see the behind the scenes of Maddie and Tae, they can watch their docuseries on YouTube; Maddie and Tae Reframed. There are 8 episodes total, with 5 of them out so far. Don't miss their performance on The Bobby Bones Show IGTV page of "Die From A Broken Heart" and potentially their next single "Bathroom Floor."

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