Dangerous situation in an alley off of the 3000 block of West State Street in Ada County this morning.


Boise Police are assuming the man was homeless and had made this dumpster his temporary place of residence.  Just before 5 o'clock this morning a garbage truck was making its rounds and this dumpster was on the list of pick ups.


Police and firefighters were immediately called and helped uncover the man and free him from the truck.  Paramedics were also on the scene and didn't hesitate to make sure this man had the best medical attention possible.  He was immediately transported to the hospital and as of now, there is no word on how serious his situation is.


The dumpster's specific location is behind a business near 30th and Lemp.  A big thumbs up to the Boise Police Department, Boise Fire Department, and Paramedics who acted so quickly to save this man's life.  We hope and pray he'll be o.k.

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