Who doesn't love to brag about their new truck?


Now, I'm happy to report, that feeling I get showing off my new pick-up and telling people all about the great experience I had buying it, just got even better.

I bought my truck, a full-sized 4X4, at Team Mazda Subaru in Caldwell, who I just found out is offering a pretty incredible service to our first responders.

First responders and other front-line workers who are helping local communities battle the ongoing pandemic, like police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers, will receive their oil changes free of charge from TEAM Mazda Subaru.

"These people are working hard and risking their personal health for the rest of us," Team Mazda Subaru General Manager Rob Studebaker said in their press release. "If a simple thing like changing the oil in their cars gives them more reliable transportation and one less thing to worry about, then we want to help."

Team Mazda Subaru was sure to note that their service department is safe, clean and meets CDC recommendations by sanitizing each car prior to and after service, wearing gloves and adhering to social distancing.

These days, my lovely lady (the woman, not the truck) and I, are busy at home planning for our next adventure for whenever the veil is lifted and we can, as they say,  get "out there." again. First responders may not be so lucky as to have such copious amounts of time to day-dream about their next road trip.

But rest assured, whenever that time comes, and wherever that trip is to, they can hit the road in a well-oiled machine, thanks to the guys and gals over at Team Mazda Subaru.

To schedule an appointment for this service, you can call Team Mazda Subaru before April 20th, 2020 at 208-455-0322, or if it's easier, send an email to s.morrison@teammazdasubaru.com

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