45 children were on a school bus headed from Borah High School to the Dennis Educational Technical Center when a truck slammed into the side sending two people to the hospital and one in critical condition.


The crash took place just after 1:30 p.m. at Trabuco Avenue and Victory Road right next to West Junior High.  Fortunately all 45 students and the bus driver were able to walk away with just bumps and bruises.


The kids say as the bus was turning left on a green arrow and then you could hear the loud screeching noises of tires putting on those brakes as hard as possible.  Some of the kids saw the two passengers in the truck that struck them duck just before impact.  Both people were immediately transported to the hospital and the driver is in critical condition.


Parents were notified asap on the condition of their children and what had happened.


Victory Road was shut down for a few hours while the accident was cleaned up.  All traffic was back up and running around 5 p.m.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the driver and his / her family.  We're hoping for a good recovery.

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