It was Saturday night, just past 11 p.m. when a man jumped into the streets at North 32nd and Hill Road in Boise with a gun that he was not only ready and willing to use, but he was using it.  The unidentified man was shooting into the air and into the ground but it did not seem that he was aiming at anyone or was trying to hurt or kill.

According to witnesses interviewed by KTVB, the man eventually turned the gun on himself and inflicted wounds that ultimately ended up being fatal.  The man was immediately rushed to a Boise hospital but there was nothing that could be done.  The Ada County Coroner's Office has released very little information and given no statements as of yet.  The man's family is currently being notified and a full investigation is underway.

Anyone suffering and thinking about taking their own life needs help.  We urge you to contact the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline at 208-398-HELP (4357).

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