To the Boise Police Department, this looked as if it was a typical accident where nobody was seriously hurt and now a man is dead and a full-blown investigation is underway.

The Boise Police Department reports that an accident that took place around 3:50 p.m. on Friday afternoon, 08-03-18 where a sedan that was headed south on North Linda Vista Lane was attempting to turn left heading west on Fairfield Avenue in Boise was hit by an SUV that was already headed west on Fairview ended with the standard Boise Police and an ambulance just in case someone was seriously hurt.  The identities of all those involved have not been released yet but we do know that the Boise Police Department released a statement stating the accident was the fault of the sedan for not yielding properly when merging into oncoming traffic.  The man driving the sedan was cited for failing to yield on a left turn.  The man was questioned and seemed fine but sent to the hospital for precautionary reasons.  Hours later he ended up dead.

At this point, we have no idea what the extent of his injuries were or what ultimately killed him but the Ada County Coroner's Office will release the man's identity and other pertinent information as soon as his family has been properly notified.

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