A good friend of mine works with kids that have MAJOR issues.  Most have committed some kind of violent crime and the road to recovery is difficult but this friend of mine fights hard to get these kids on to a positive path that creates a way for positivity, success, happiness, and goodness.

My friend's name is Brian Garlock.  Our daughters played soccer together for years in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  I coached his daughter who eventually went on to receive a scholarship to play Division I soccer in Utah.  I know this guy and I know he's seen it all.  So if he's telling us that's someone's CRAZY and should never be released from prison, I listen.  His story is a crazy one.  Here it is in a nutshell...

His cousin (Jeremy Hauck) shot and killed his mother when he was young.  He slit her throat and then shoved her body into a freezer.  This woman was Brian's mother's sister.  His aunt.  Jeremy is set to be released from prison late this month and my friend Brian is doing everything in his power to stop this from happening.  Here's a quote from Brian...

Back when this happened, my cousin was found not guilty by reason of insanity and placed in the state hospital. We are being told now that the plan is to release him in late June of this year.

This is absolutely horrifying and ridiculous. He was no more insane than any other murderer who gets sent to prison to pay the consequence for the behavior. Not to mention the claim that he is safe to return to the community now.

I completely believe in rehabilitation. It’s what I do for a living. But hiding behind a diagnosis to avoid accountability is wrong. Find a murderer that is thinking clearly to justify ending someone’s life....”insanity”is the word that should be used to describe this whole process.

Please share this to increase awareness and to minimally help the prosecution find reason to put up a fight. As well as to support my mom and the rest of her family.

I'm backing my good friend here hoping that as many people as possible will SHARE and TALK about this so as to shed light on the fact that we cannot just allow these lunatics out.  This man deserves to be in prison forever and then someday he WILL meet his maker.  Only God can truly judge him for what he's done and I believe that's exactly what will happen.

In the meantime, we cannot take a chance of allowing this man into our world where he could be sitting next to your wife... your daughter... or anyone you love.  This is not a chance I'm willing to take and I don't believe any of us should have to take.

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