Rodney Smith Jr. is traveling the country to spread kindness. Using "an ordinary  yard maintenance service [...] to keep our youth (girls & boys) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society. That service is mowing lawns. He started Raising Men Lawn Care Service to provide "free lawn care to our elders, those who are disabled, single mothers and our veterans, who do not have the time, resources and/or money to manicure their yards." Now Rodney is heading to cities all over the states to spread his message and help people out.

Today, he happens to be in Boise helping people in our own community. How awesome is that?! He mentions in a Facebook post that if you know of anyone that could really use his FREE service to contact him HERE. What an amazing mission of kindness and paying it forward, while instilling such great work ethic to our youth. Keep at it, Rodney!!

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