She's infatuated with the Columbine shooting and traveled from Miami to Denver where she purchased pump action shotgun and ammunition. Now, a manhunt is on and she could be anywhere. 

18-year-old Sol Pais hasn't been seen anywhere in recent hours. Who knows if she's even still in the Denver area or what she intends to do, but the FBI wants the entire country to be aware of who she is and the threat she poses.

She has not threatened one specific school, but authorities are taking her seriously enough that nearly a dozen schools in the Jefferson County have been shut down.

According to an article on NBC News, Pais was last seen in the Denver Foothills. She is considered armed and dangerous so if you see her do not approach her.

There is no evidence that she is in our area, but the problem is she could be anywhere at this point and it's not like Colorado is a far cry away, so the entire country needs to be aware of her.

One thing authorities are very concerned about is the fact that the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting is on April 20th which is obviously just a few days away. Please watch the video below and take a good look at her.

If you happen to have any information on Pais or you think you see her please call 303-630-6227 or you can e-mail

We've got to do everything to try to keep our kids safe.

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