A man accused of shooting at police in Kuna this morning is dead after a confrontation with the SWAT team at about 11:45 a.m.


The SWAT team had been searching for the suspect for hours.  Parts of Kuna were blocked off and residents received a Code Red meaning they should stay inside their homes.


At this time we don't know if the suspect was shot by officers or took his own life.  He was found around 11:45 a.m. next to Ardell Road and Blackhawk Drive.  The Bomb Squad has been at the scene ever since.


Another person of interest is a woman who was in the suspect's vehicle.  She's been taken into custody in Meridian.


This all started with police trying to pull over the suspect in his black BMW at Kay and Moonhill streets around 4 a.m.  He was being pulled over on drug suspicion.  As soon as the police lights came on, a gun came out the window of the BMW shooting at the officer.  The officer was not hit and originally held back his pursuit because the suspect was entering the Birds of Prey subdivision and the officer did not want innocent bystanders involved.


The empty BMW was found a short time later near Linder and Ardell Roads.  A perimeter was set up, a code red went out, and the chase was on.


The suspect was finally found in someone's house.  Police tried talking him in but he took off in the homeowners vehicle.  Police had him blocked in, shots were fired, and the suspect ended up dead.  No police officers were hurt.


A complete and thorough investigation is under way.

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