Do you want this coming to town, or not? Just this week we announced that the property that Farmstead has been running their popular fall festival on will be turned into office buildings, a hotel, and retail stores, now this swanky spa and workout club is in the works for a busy Meridian corridor.

There is no doubt that the City of Trees and its suburbs are booming and there's no doubt this looks really cool, but the days of wide open fields and quiet streets are slipping away.

VillaSport is a 99,000 square foot gym/spa/pool(s)/bar/restaurant/social club that has applied for approval to be built in Meridian at the southwest corner of Eagle and Ustick according to

I've checked it out and it is very cool and pretty pricey. Although, I'm already trying to figure out how my little family of three can afford the $200 a month price tag (for one adult and two kids) because it looks like a club everyone will want to be a part of.

VillaSport is a chain that currently operates in Oregon, California, Texas, and Colorado.

What does VillaSport bring to the table?

  • An outdoor family pool with two 26" waterslides, poolside cafe, and whirlpool.
  • A huge lap pool for adults with a firepit, bar, and another hot tub.
  • Two more inside pools plus whirlpools in the locker room
  • Indoor cafe and a poolside bar
  • 120 weight machines
  • Free weight floor
  • Circuit Training
  • 180 group exercise classes a week
  • NBA regulated basketball facility
  • massage room
  • full spa
  • indoor/outdoor area for kids
  • art/dance studios
  • toddler area
  • quiet area for infants
  • sports court
  • childcare
  • day camps
  • etc. etc. etc.

See why I think this sounds like something I'd love to fit into the budget?! Onne the flip side, with anything like this, comes more traffic, parking for 567 cars gives you the idea of what kind of traffic.

VillaSports will go before the Meridian Planning and Zoning commision on December 20th, so we'll keep you posted on the plans.

In the meantime, shout out if you want VillaSports coming to town or if you are really starting to miss our once "small town" feel.

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