Killed by a man driving under the influence of drugs, this Meridian couple was taken from us on Thursday while visiting Las Vegas. Now, we know a little bit more about who they were. 

67-year-old Linda Cangro and her husband, 68-year-old George Arthur Cangro were killed when they jaywalked across busy Las Vegas Blvd.

Behind the wheel of the vehicle that took their lives was 26-year-old Davon D. Smith who stands accused of being high on marijuana when he ran the couple over according to the Idaho Statesman.

The fatal crash happened in front of the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa. Here's what an officer who responded to the scene had to say about the crash. He mentions that he "know marijuana is legal, but we're better than this Las Vegas." He also points out how because of this young man's decision to drive impaired three lives were destroyed on Thursday night. Please let this accident serve as a warning to never drive under the influence of anything.

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